9 AM Shotgun start

Pairings by random draw as in normal format

Entry Fee:
Players must pay the regular $21 Crew amount plus the difference at $1.00 per round between the number of rounds they played and the number of rounds played by the individual who played the most in the Crew 2021/2022. To participate you must have played in the Crew at least 2 times in the previous year.


Player X played 25 rounds (most rounds played by any one person in the Crew), and you played 10 rounds. The amount you would have to pay to the pot is $15.00 (25-10=15) plus the $21 regular Crew amount for a total of $36.

This amount will be paid in cash as per format.

The Credit of each $1.00 collected during the 2022 is split as follows:

  1. 80% for tournament prize credit
  2. 20% for drinks at the tournament

Pitchers of Beer & Soft drinks

Food at your own expense!!

Format: Both the cash & credit pots will be split as follows:

20% – Team Pot

20% – Individual Gross

20% – Individual Net

20% – Gross Skins

20% – Net Skins

** 35% of the field will be paid in the Team & Individual portions**

Entry Deadline: Thursday, April 27th, 2023 at 5 PM

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